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Quick post 

Exams looming, so just a quick post. Thanks to all who came to see us for the IrishMusicParty showcase on March 31st. It was a great gig, and we were privileged to play with the other 4 acts chosen for the night's lineup.

We did a short interview with Lisa from EssentiallyPop on the night, you can see it here:


Thanks for coming! 

Thanks to you all who came along on Friday night for our St Patrick's Eve gig!

Feedback really positive on the 2 new songs we fed you, so thanks for being guinea pigs.

Some footage from periscope is still on our Twitter feed, so check that out! 

We've only one more gig planned pre our exams, on March 31st, also in the Workman's Club.  Maybe see you there!

Looking forward to tonight 

Hi all,

Sorry we haven't been doing much here on the site, our school exams are coming in June, then we should be free to take on the world at last!!  So any spare time gets spent on music, not on blogging.

We have managed to squeeze in a couple of gigs before the exams, so we're all set for the Workman's tonight.  Hope to see you there.